Thursday, 28 August 2008

End of August.

With the lack of Mr Crocker, and Tom returning after his recent jaunt to somewhere or other, there were ten in attendance at the Ribs of Beef this Tuesday. After big fluctuations we seem to have settled down to a regular attendance around this figure.

Anyway, on to good news. Paula has told me that she's ordering some Raspberry Wheat from the Norfolk based Iceni Brewery. This is good news indeed as it ranks as one of my favourite beers. Their website describes is thusly: an American style ale, delicately flavoured with summer fruits. Made with Hersbrucker hops, wheat and lager malt. So I'm looking forward that in the coming weeks. Beer hat ahoy!

In other news the Ribs have given us our own sign informing smokers that they should not venture down through the Wherry Room to smoke, lest they upset the horde beneath. Smokers are instead advised to head out the front door in order to take in the pleasing view of UK Best Pizza & Kebab across the street, as opposed to staring into the cold black waters of the River Wensum.

Games? Yes, we played some. Jimmy gathered four (Adam, Chris, Tom and Dylan) for Age of Steam and they spent the whole evening laying track across France. I don't know what the score was; they we just entering the last round as I left. Meanwhile Richard, Ollie, Andy, the Age of Steam widow Rachel and myself put on some plays in Showmanager. Ollie won by a relatively large margin and Sir Ian McKellen declared "By the Flame of Anor, you cannot surpass his King Lear". We then cranked up the conflict with Evo, where Ollie and Andy looked to attack all before them with vicious, gnashing dinosaurs. Their efforts were to no avail and Richard romped home to victory with a strategy of having lots of sex. We finished the evening with a quick game of Coloretto, which I won, and bagged myself a little treat at the Castle Museum with one of the night porters.

Beer: I stuck to the Wherry. A light and dependable beer, which I'm always willing to drink, but familiarity usually makes me look for something a little more interesting. The Ticket to Ride of the real ales.