Monday, 2 July 2012

Blog rationing.

Apparently you can have too much of a good thing. It’s with that in mind that I imposed a five week hiatus on the blog. It’s not that I wasn’t at the Ribs for four weeks and still haven’t sorted out that staff writer I’ve been mumbling about...

Last Tuesday we had the perfect three tables of four. There is an almost tranquil feel to the Wherry Room when there is just one person on each side of the three tables. And so many games are just right with four as well. It was a beautiful experience. As for the results, Pete won Luna, Nicky won Notre Dame and Matt aggressively won Primordial Soup.

We then broke the lovely symmetry with a seven player game of Saboteur and a four player game of Caylus: Magna Carta.

Beer: Black Panther from the Panther Brewery at Reepham. This is a cross between a porter and a stout. Heaving with burnt malts, this dark brew has a medium body and a flavour that is overwhelmingly chocolate. 7/10. Mr. Jack.