Saturday, 11 August 2018

Lost And Found

Who loves the Lost Expedition ? What do you mean you've not played it ? Great game that often boils down to deciding which hapless Adventurer to sacrifice. I always imagine them being eaten by the rest of the expedition after one idiotic decision too many causes them to step on a venomous snake. 

It's that kind of game.
Osprey Games have an expansion coming out for it. New ways to die ! New blameless characters to blame for your failings as Expedition Leader ! Huzzah.
You know what else releases at the same time from Osprey ? Cryptid by the talented NoBoGlin Hal and his equally talented partner Ruth. Pursue an elusive beast through unknown lands, using your excellent deduction skills to finally find the critter. Or just stumble about randomly guessing and hope you hit jackpot before anyone else. Whichever strategy suits you*.

( *note, you're very very very unlikely to win by randomly guessing, but hey, you do you ).
20th September ! ( ish ! )

Which should you buy ? 

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Photo Competition

This week, NoBoG geared up for it's first official competition with people vying to take the "best" picture in order to get their hands on lovely lovely prizes.

The prizes are for £30, £20 and £10 for first, second and third place respectively, with the lovely Athena games contributing towards half of the loot pot ! Yay Athena !

Voting closed this Friday, and the winners were announced yesterday. Here's a nice little montage of who the winners were.

And some of the other entrants . . .