Thursday, 6 May 2010

Election Special

We should have played Die Macher or The Making of the President, both games with political themes (although they’re about German and U.S elections), but we didn’t. Instead we played other games and partook in political discussions/rants. Would the games played in the seedy underbelly of the Ribs of Beef be a strange and unlikely predictor for the elections on the sixth of May?

On the table by the window, two fully paid up members of the Green Party, Tory-Boy and a BNP activist slugged it out in the morally dubious game known as Puerto Rico – a game where players ruthlessly buy and work slaves to death in order to grow cash crops and bask in the prestige and wealth, which doubtlessly comes from such exploitation. Tory-Boy and the BNP both had a tough time of it, hardly surprisingly since both were new to Puerto Rico, a game which definitely rewards those with more experience. The Greens were amazingly adept at such a game, and were first past the post in first and second.

Evo was quickly slapped down on the other table and NoBoG incarnations of Gordon Brown, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage battled it out to see who could mutate their dinosaurs so as best to weather the unpredictable climate on a small island and claim a shallow victory before all were destroyed by a thunderous meteor. Brown’s dinosaurs were big, hairy and ponderous, but viciously attacked anything that came in range. Clegg bred speedy, cost effective dinosaurs, but they were slow breeders and failed to get numbers on the map. Farage complained about dinosaurs taking his land and bred very quickly in order to ensure a high percentage of the dinosaurs on the island were his. In the end Farage and Brown tied for victory, while Clegg never lived up to his promises.

Clegg, Brown and Farage then got in a quick game of Manila. This would perhaps show off their ability to gamble with the economy?! Brown won this easily, Clegg came a close second, but poor old Farage crashed and burned…

I really don’t think that NoBoG gave us any real insight today’s election, but at least on Tuesday the Tories and BNP didn’t win, which at the end of the day is all that really matters, right?

No beer this week. The Greens imposed a 50% tax increase and I couldn’t afford it.