Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Now a word from our sponsors...

Rachel has too many games. So rather than burn them, she is selling them.

Rachal says: I'm having a rationalisation of my boardgames collection and getting rid of games I don't play much or don't like much. If you're interested in any of the games send me a message and we'll sort it out. I'm happy to consider offers. German games have copies of English language rules from the Geek in the box.

Al Cabohne £2.50 (German)

Alexandros £7.50 (German)

Aqua Romana £15

Arkham Horror (2005) £25 Sold

Atlanteon £5

Attika £15

Babel £7.50

Blue Moon City £15 Sold

BurgerMeister £2.50

Castle £5.00

Cave Troll £5 Sold

Caylus £15 Sold

Citadels £7.50 (Contains expansion)

Clans £10 Sold

Cleopatra and the Society of Architects £20

Colloseum £25

Der Elefant im Porzellanladen £2.50 (German)

Dilbert: Corporate Shuffle £5 (Verison of the Great Dalmuti)

Dungeon Twister £10 Sold

Dungeon Twister Paladins and Dragons £7.50 (Expansion)

Elasund The First City £15

Fiji £7.50

Funny Friends £15 Sold

Gardens of Alhambra £10

Greentown £20

Hermagor £15

Iliad £7.50

Incognito Card Game £5

Jaunty Jalopies £5

Jaunty Jalopies 2 : Motoring Madness £5

Khronos £15

Logistico £15

Magdar £5

Mauer Bauer £10 (German)

Memoir '44 £20 (I also have some expansions if anyone is interested.)

Metro £10

Middle Kingdom £5 Sold

My Word £2.50

Ninja Burger £7.50

Paparazzo £5

Pillars of the Earth £20 Sold

Qwirkle £7.50

Railroad Tycoon £25 Sold

Razzia £7.50 (German)

Reef Encounter £15

Scotland Yard £10

Struggle for Rome £10

Tara Seat of Kings £15

Tempus £10 Sold

Tigris and Euphrates £15

Tombouctou £15

Trick r Treat £2.50

Leave a comment if you are interested in any of the games listed or have a question.

The Wonders of August.

Better write something here or you’ll think I don’t care about you all. I do. Very much so.

So what’s been happening at NoBoG? Well, why haven’t you been along to find out? If you could be bothered to haul yourself to the Ribs of Beef then you’d have seen such wonders in August. Such wonders…

You’d have seen five player Cosmic Encounter. Hell, yeah! Jimmy legitimately cheated his way to victory in that one.

You’d have witnessed new-comer Phil lose at Nexus Ops, Chaos in the Old World, Saboteur, Tichu, the aforementioned Cosmic Encounter and even Heck Meck. Welcome Phil, it’s great to have you on board. Victory shall be yours. One day.

You’d have stared in awe as young Luke beat old Luke at Age of Industry and also put his relationship with Tash on the line in order to win. He shall be known henceforth as Ruthless Luke (hopefully not Tashless Luke).

You’d have shied away from San Marco being played with a sub-optimal number of players.

So get down the Ribs tonight for the final August session.