Wednesday, 8 May 2019


Well, hello, NoBlog. Long time no see!

What's been going on ?

Eh yeah. You've been out of the loop a bit haven't you. Well we successfully completed the whole NoBoG venue move malarkey and moved from the Mash Tun to St. Andrews Brew House. Which went astonishingly well. No complaints. No problems. Happy faces. The space is lovely for gaming, much more of a inviting community spirit than the Tun and the food and drinks are great ! You can now get a cheeky pot of chips or sausage roll whilst you game, or if you're into that, a proper dinner ! I heartily recommend the steak pie with mash and vegetables.

Sounds good. Anything else ?

We've stress tested St. Andrews with a fairly high player count of 54, got a loose agreement to use overflow tables in a pinch where the pub isn't busy downstairs, and got some backup tables of our own to use. But to be honest, the space is a good fit for where we are currently size wise.

Which is ?

Typically somewhere in the high 30's low 40's of a Tuesday. And Mondays are typically in the high teens. Unless you count the RPG'ers. Then we're consistently in the low 20's ish.

So no venue issues then !

Well. St. Andrews is sometimes booked out. So we have to have alternatives for booked out days - of which so far there's only been one. We've started to use the Coach & Horses in Bethel Street as a small Monday venue for days when St. Andrews is booked. But so far we haven't come up with a plan for hosting alternative site Tuesdays.

So what happens on Tuesdays that are booked then ?

Good question. The standing idea was to possibly use our former venue the Mash Tun as an alternative site in all cases. But since leaving the Tun, the not so great council reviews of the health standards there, and the ever present general management woes, stock issues and high prices, people don't seem fantastically enthused on going back. At all.

Understandable. So. Backup Tuesday plans ?

Yeah. Don't have one at the moment. Everyones just enjoying being in a great space and not having to worry about venue issues ! The Tun refit was postponed a little and is due to kick off in the Summer, so after the refit, maybe the Tun will be a new and awesome place to game, and we can use it as a backup site ? I'd personally be really interested in seeing what the Tun ends up looking like after the refit, particularly with an eye on the size available, tables etc, but I'm not sure the NoBoGlins agree. Otherwise, if it's not the Tun who knows. But I'm sure we'll cope.