Sunday, 27 November 2016

T Shirt Compo Update

Alas, no one was brave enough to submit their crayon scribblings for summary NoBoG T-Shirt judgement, so err, yes, the NoBoG T-Shirt at the moment is a plain white affair, with a small washing label motif.

Therefore I have created a couple of simple samples myself, if anyone has any input whatsoever, feel free to shout at me personally, or just vaguely in a walking down the street crazy kind of way. If anyone would like the psd files to tinker with themselves, lemme know !

Friday, 18 November 2016

T Shirt Compo

Don't get excited. It's not a NoBlog post. Scratch that. Get very excited. It's a T-Shirt Competition !


Bonjour mes petite fleurs !

Some exciting news ! After many discussions over the years without any progress whatsoever, NoBoG regular Guillame has become frustrated at the lack of fashionable sexy NoBoG apparel to wear and has decided to take matters into his own hands and go about organising a NoBoG T-Shirt run.

Woo hoo !

However, he needs your help. Firstly, what kind of design should go on the T shirt, and secondly, he'd like to know just how many T-Shirts he should get made up.

So. Lets have a competition ! You have a week to come up with a lovely design for the front of a NoBoG T-Shirt. After a week is up we'll hold a poll of some sort showing off any designs submitted and people can vote on what they like, with the winner(s) being ushered off to the printing presses. Their designs that is. Not the actual winners themselves.

Exact numbers of designs required, sizes, colours and everything else is up in the air.

For those of a mind to enter, the only recommendation I'd make is to make sure your design is in 300dpi - and if you are down and dirty with such things, watch out for colours being out of normal print range. If none of that made any sense, don't worry, just do a design.

So lets have your submissions - as many as you like -, no matter if you are a pro designer or picking up Microsoft Paint for the first time. Submit them in the facebook group if you like, or submit them as a NoBlog Submission via email.

If it helps, later on today at some point I will post up a link to a whole bunch of lovely NoBoG style clip art and fonts for you to use - if that kind of thing grabs your fancy.

To the crayons !