Wednesday, 14 December 2016

NoBoG Christmas Dates

For those most hardy of NoBoG souls that need a regular fix of weekly board gaming even in the depths of tinsel festooned festivities, and are maybe unsure on which days they can drag themselves from beneath the tin of Quality Street here are the dates that NoBoG will be operating. The good news being that for Tuesdays there is no impact.

If your only source of information is NoBoG, then be informed that this year Christmas falls on a Sunday.

Monday 19th December - As Normal
Tuesday 20th December - As Normal, upper level of mezzanine floor at the Mash Tun will be in private use. Lower level of mezzanine and upstairs in the Westwicke Suite will be available.

Monday 26th December - No NoBoG. Very sad.
Tuesday 27th December - As Normal

Monday 2nd January - As Normal
Tuesday 3rd January - As Normal
On the offchance you don't know what and where NoBoG is, well, you should check out our Joining In page.