Thursday, 31 July 2008

Lazy July

The collective that is NoBoG has been slack and failed to update the blog for the whole of July.
Here’s a small selection of highlights from July.

1. The sticky table dilemma was solved by Rachel and her nice green table cloths.

2. Ollie and Chris are now the proud owners of a half dozen Tiger brand glasses. Prizes which they collected for winning Hamburgum and Wallenstein.

3. Andy was lured back to the Ribs by the promise of Agricola, which he declared to be “Alright”.

4. July was the only month in the history of NoBoG when two tables were playing the same game simultaneously. Turn the Tide is noted for such a feat – cue Luke with some knowledge to the contrary.

5. The only game Andy brought to the club in July was Africa Campaign - a two-player wargame from the Seventies. Bets are being taken for it getting to the table some time in 2011.

6. Richard returned after serving just 10 months of his three year jail sentence.

7. Hal joined us for a game of Brass. He held his own with a blocking style of play declaring “I'm afraid I can't let you do that, Luke.

8. Tom used his airmiles to buy Herm; one of the smaller Channel Islands.

9. Luke had his gizzard removed.

10. Jimmy played yelllow.