Wednesday, 28 January 2009

NO Feb games at the ribs!!!!

There will be NO games club at the Ribs of Beef During February due to a refit.......

.......STOP PRESS..........We will be meeting same time as usual (7:30 Tuesdays) at the 'Charlotte' (I believe queen Charlotte) on Dereham road.

For those unaware its just past the second set of traffic lights (not counting pedestrian crossings) as you leave the city. We will be playing upstairs.

Thanks to punk Rich for suggesting this.

Everyone HAS to play MY games LOL

Without the ginger dice general and Wallace (I don’t know if thats a Braveheart scots thing or a gromit thing???) I was left worried about the possible turnout. In the end we where 10. Hal had yet again brought down some newbies....will they come again? Who knows but they seamed to enjoy galaxy trucker despite Jacks best efforts. Ben was less impressed and by the end of the night he was joining in the ‘your mother’ remarks we were all throwing at Jack.

Tarn, James, punk Rich, Hal and I all played Le Havre. Which was amazing and awesome as per usual. I don’t know how but we got a lot of buildings out quickly and as a result it was a much more resource heavy game than last time. This I think was reflected in the scores with James and Tarn getting around double the number of points they did last time. Rich came second and I lead from early till the end. The game was enjoyed by all though concerns were raised as it becomes hard to catch a leader in so many of these economic, building, efficiency games. The game played in about 3 hours and provided players make reasonably prompt choices Le Havre will get a few outings at NBG in the coming months.

Regrets and apologies to Tom who arrived too late to play either game and his politeness as always meant that he patiently watched and observed the games being played without playing himself. Thanks for this Tom.

Its also worth noting that nobody except me brought games to the club and I was only intending to take one ....just goes to show you, its always worth bringing your game down, who knows it may get played.....except if its vampire of course.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

20th January 2009: a historic day. Crocker lost his first game of Power Grid. Godfrey and Richie's buddy, Michael* turned up for their first session at NoBoG. And I played my first game of the new "must have" game - Dominion.

I won't go into all the details of who played what and who won what and where they played it and for how long and why they won... OK, so I didn't win any of the four games I played. Instead I'll say a little about Dominion.

Dominion's soaring popularity on Board Game Geek is matched at NoBoG with at least four or five people owning it. It's also seen play at every session throughout January, which must be a record, as very few games get played more than one or two weeks in a row. I can see the appeal. It's a quick card drafting card game with many similarities to collectable card games, but with out the collecting element and the steep learning curve. It's one of those games that soon gets it's hooks into you. With a plethora of cards to play with and a short playing time I can imagine saying "Just one more game" as you want to hone your strategy, but also explore new cards and combinations. Do I like it? For the most part, yes, however, I was disappointed by the low level of interaction. It also seems shallow in terms of strategy, as for all the different cards they all seemed rather similar. I'll have to play again to see if I'm correct and to see if the combination with the Throne Room and the Re-structure could be improved by adding more... ah.

Beer. I drank something nice. It had a crap name plate and I forget what it was called. I'd compare it to Wabash Cannonball - Shoddy looking, but with surprising depth and taste. 8/10.

*He may not be called Michael. I'm not sure I caught his name, but Michael sounds familiar and I find it hard to believe that we've never had a Michael, Mike or even a Mick down the club.