Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Now a word from our sponsors...

Rachel has too many games. So rather than burn them, she is selling them.

Rachal says: I'm having a rationalisation of my boardgames collection and getting rid of games I don't play much or don't like much. If you're interested in any of the games send me a message and we'll sort it out. I'm happy to consider offers. German games have copies of English language rules from the Geek in the box.

Al Cabohne £2.50 (German)

Alexandros £7.50 (German)

Aqua Romana £15

Arkham Horror (2005) £25 Sold

Atlanteon £5

Attika £15

Babel £7.50

Blue Moon City £15 Sold

BurgerMeister £2.50

Castle £5.00

Cave Troll £5 Sold

Caylus £15 Sold

Citadels £7.50 (Contains expansion)

Clans £10 Sold

Cleopatra and the Society of Architects £20

Colloseum £25

Der Elefant im Porzellanladen £2.50 (German)

Dilbert: Corporate Shuffle £5 (Verison of the Great Dalmuti)

Dungeon Twister £10 Sold

Dungeon Twister Paladins and Dragons £7.50 (Expansion)

Elasund The First City £15

Fiji £7.50

Funny Friends £15 Sold

Gardens of Alhambra £10

Greentown £20

Hermagor £15

Iliad £7.50

Incognito Card Game £5

Jaunty Jalopies £5

Jaunty Jalopies 2 : Motoring Madness £5

Khronos £15

Logistico £15

Magdar £5

Mauer Bauer £10 (German)

Memoir '44 £20 (I also have some expansions if anyone is interested.)

Metro £10

Middle Kingdom £5 Sold

My Word £2.50

Ninja Burger £7.50

Paparazzo £5

Pillars of the Earth £20 Sold

Qwirkle £7.50

Railroad Tycoon £25 Sold

Razzia £7.50 (German)

Reef Encounter £15

Scotland Yard £10

Struggle for Rome £10

Tara Seat of Kings £15

Tempus £10 Sold

Tigris and Euphrates £15

Tombouctou £15

Trick r Treat £2.50

Leave a comment if you are interested in any of the games listed or have a question.


Anonymous said...


Pillars of the earth if you really dont want it


what Memior Expansions do you have?

Dave T

Elite said...

I would be interested in Caylus and blue moon city.

Let me know when you are next coming down and I'll get some cash out.

Luke Superior.

sifu-uk said...

Hi guys,

The following games have now been sold:
Cave Troll, Clans, Dungeon Twister, Funny Friends, Middle Kingdom, Tempus.

Dave - the expansions for Memoir '44 are the Terrain Pack and Eastern Front. £7.50 each, if you're interested?
Pillars of the Earth is yours.

Luke - Caylus and Blue Moon City are yours.

I will be at the Ribs next Tuesday (7 Sept) because Rich has also bought some games. I can bring the games then if that is convenient for either of you.


Anonymous said...


Ive got those Memior 44 expansions already. .

But yes please to Pillars of the earth !! i cant make this tuesday but i can make the following tuesday

my number is 07534 668 786
dave t

sifu-uk said...

Now Sold:
Pillars of the Earth, Caylus and Blue Moon City.

OK Dave, see you then.


sifu-uk said...

The following are now sold:
Phil: Arkham Horror and Railroad Tycoon

Dungeon Twister: Paladins and Dragons is reserved for Rich.

Hal said...

I'll take Tigris & Euphrates at £15 if it's still available.

Anonymous said...

I`m interested in Memoir 44 can u contact me ? Fb: Ignas Andriukaitis or skype : keglucis

Mr Bond said...

Ignas: This post is from 2010. I think the sale is over!