Monday, 1 December 2008


So last week I got to play Caylus again...fantastic. It was played last month and Luke* gave it another go along with Tarnya, Ruth and Hal. It went down reasonably well and felt very close and tight till the final stretch.

Jimmy, Jack and Tom (welcome back) played cavum which I believe Tom won and James and Dan beat Bondy and Andy at some war game that they really enjoyed. (where are the reviews Andy)

After our Caylus, Hal and Ruth left along with Jimmy and the remainder of us non war gamers played eketorp....which was enjoyed by all except Luke* who got dealt a poor hand and got very frustrated with the gaming system. He argued his point well but we all know it was because he was just useless at it.....Crocker won just as the game was being thrown into the box and the landlady was taping her feet....

See you all in 24 hours :-)