Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The sound of tiny scurrying feet

Prince Collin and his companions
marveled at their new diminutive
bodies and at the once familiar castle
that now loomed over them like the home of a giant. 

Maginos snapped them from their reverie.

“We must move at once!” he hissed. 

The party quickly scurried through the bars of the cell, their delicately padded feet making nary a noise. . . .

Eight this week, Dylan turning up for his once every six months visit to join the rest of us - myself, Matt, Nicky, Sam, Ed, Ewan and Pete.

Spoilt for choice for games we eventually decided on Mice and Mystics on one table, and Kemet on the other.

Ewan, Sam, Ed and Pete settled in for Kemet - Pete being the newbie as everyone else at the table had experience of the Egyptian land grabbing skirmisher. Ed managed to somehow end up playing Kemet again for what must be 3 out of 4 weeks - and took the win after a tie break finish. Pete finished last, but there were only 2 VPs separating all 4 players, so pretty close.

Mice and Mystics rolled out on table 2, everyone grabbing their favoured intrepid mouse to set off and right the wrongs of the world. The game has few rules, is easy to grasp - a 5 minute rules session is enough -  and perhaps most importantly of all for these kind of RPG lite games, takes almost no time to setup.

Nicky opting for the wizardly mouse Maginos seemed to bear the brunt of foes that were encountered as the group struggled to keep enemies at arms length with either fast reacting enemy rats, or difficult terrain. Coming close to dying a few times it was up to Tilda the healer - wisely guided by Dylan - to furiously spend cheese to power her healing spells and keep everyone on their feet.

Splashing about in an underground drain the mice were in disarray, Nez under my control swimming desperately at the end to prevent himself disappearing into the dark waters, before thankfully, everyone helped him out and onto dry land.

Rats were dispatched, cockroaches destroyed and giant centipedes seen off to eventually allow the brave mice to scurry through the roots of the courtyard tree and onto the mysteries of the second scenario. . .

Finishing off the evening, King of Tokyo stomped its way across the table, the Killer Bunny facing down the Mega Draken, the Alienoid and the Gigasaur. Earning the wrath of all other monstrous critters, Matt and his Alienoid opted for a killer combo of Nova Breath - to attack all players - and a shrink ray, to simultaneously shrink them as they were hit. Desperate to dish out pain the Alienoid neglected its own health, and with a final clout of a Gigasaur tail the Alienoid collapsed - 10 or so VPs to its name. Meanwhile Nicky and her Mega Dracken racked up an impressive 19VPs, within spitting distance of a final win, only for the Gigasaur to strike again, chomping down on her wounded beast to fell her at the final hurdle.

The Gigasaur roaring its way into Tokyo kept the Killer Bunny at Arms length, accruing VPs all the while, before at the last the Bunny swept into the city. But alas it was too late, and the Gigasaur was crowned the King of Tokyo after all.

No pictures again this week. I really did mean to take some, but I got caught up in playing Mice and Mystics and completely forgot - a shame because Mice and Mystics is visually very nice indeed.


Alfonso said...

It always seems to be that every time I can't make it you play the games I'll find the most fun. Mice and Mystics sounds great.

I should definitely be there next week and I can bring along X-Wing Miniatures. I have all of the expansions which adds quite a lot of variety to the core set. It's only really a two player game but we could make it a team game.

Minitrue said...

Haha sure, I rang the changes with a different set of games this week.

I have a couple of the core sets of Star Wars myself, a couple of interceptors, plus one of everything except the Y Wing.

Played some multiplayer games of this last weekend was groovy - works fine with teams, we had a couple of ships each on the go.

Alfonso said...

I haven't really had much chance to play it so I'll be glad to have a proper go. I might bring Flash Point too. We've been having a good time with that at work. The basic rules make for a nice and quick 30-40 main game.

Mr Bond said...

This is all good news. Red five, standing by...