Thursday, 4 April 2013

Buy Ed's Games

Ed is selling some games. Over to Ed...

Hi Guys - as I mentioned to some of you last night I'm selling some of my collection to clear some space on my shelves/ensure I don't run out of money when I head off on my medical elective in May. 

I was going to whack it all on eBay but thought it might be sensible to try and save both parties on postage by listing them here first - just in case anyone is interested! Can bring them down to NoBoG whenever suits: 

Schotten Totten - £10 (played once)
Jambo - £18 (played once)
King of Siam - £18 (mint - punched but unplayed - currently the subject of a trade offer but that should expire imminently)

Travel Ingenious (2-player) - £10 (played once)
Risk Transformers - £10 (played once)
Red November - £18 (played once)
Android - £20 (no box insert - contents good)
Arkham Horror - £30 (played twice but in great condition)
Formula De - £20 (Eurogames edition - team cars have numbers on spoilers for identification, minor shelf wear to box)
Ingenious - £8 (lovely coffee mug print on box lid!)

Prices are subject to negotiation - especially if you're taking a few off my hands! Thanks for looking, 


Put your offers in the comment section.


Alina said...

Me! Me! Me! I'll totally take Arkham Horror.

I mean... If the price is right, I don't really want it that much.

I'm not good at negotiating money :(

Alfonso said...

Would you be willing to do a deal where I take Red November and Formula De off your hands and I give you thirty pounds?

Unknown said...
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Alfonso said...

Alright then, what's three quid anyway. I'll be at the ribs of beef next Tuesday and can pay you then if you like.

Unknown said...

Alina - really no need to worry about your negotiation skills :) I will throw in some extra dice with Arkham (it needs them) and four or five full colour player aids that I have lovingly hand-crafted ;)

Alfonso - have just taken Formula De off the shelf and seen it has a small (repaired) hairline crack in the insert (about 4cm long) - it isn't noticeable unless you look for it but I would be happy to knock a fiver off the two accordingly so how does £33 suit you?

Edited to say - next Tuesday is great!

Unknown said...

Oh and by the way Red November is the bigger, fancier second edition with the board that doesn't unfold several times :) Hope that is good news!

Alina said...

Thank you!

If I'm not there on Tuesday, Matt will have your money.

Unknown said...

Thanks Alina - Will bring it along - I'm sure you'll enjoy it :)

Unknown said...

Oh and, whilst not wanting to hijack/complicate my own thread, for those of you who don't visit BGG there's currently a thread checking who would be interested in some Game of Thrones action some time soon, potentially away from the usual Tuesday night slot:

SamB said...

I know a few people who would be interested in Android, so I'll gladly take that off your hands.

I won't be at the Ribs next tuesday, so it would have to be the week after, unless we make some other arrangements.

StuartG said...

I'll take the Ingenious with coffee stain for £8.

Unknown said...

Great - Sam - I will hold onto Android for you - just let me know when you'd like it brought along :)

Stuart - will you be at the Ribs this Tuesday? If so will bring Ingenious along with everyone else's games



StuartG said...

Yep, planning on being at Ribs on 09/04

Mr Bond said...

Is now a good time to mention the NoBoG sellers fee? Set at 40% of final sale...

Unknown said...

That would probably still end up cheaper than Ebay fees and the new Royal Mail prices!

Mr Bond said...


Anyway, in a rare display of compassion we've decided to waive the fees for you.

Unknown said...



Great - so it looks like we're going ahead!

At the moment I am hosting (pending Pete having a babysitting crisis - in which case we may switch venue). My address is:

7 Beechbank

It is the last house in the row - the furthest away as you turn into Beechbank. If you have any trouble at all finding it just give me a ring on 07986 848 994 and I will help!

We do currently have an extra space at the table as Ewan has a house viewing - if anyone else wants to get involved they are very welcome. If not John has kindly offered to fill in, or alternatively I might be able to find someone from outside of NoBoG - but it would be great to have someone keen from within the group!

See you all on Thursday - 7.30pm

Unknown said...


Does anyone have Matt Bond or Sam's phone number? We may be making a last minute change of venue!