Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Co-operative Failure

Steam occupied an entire evening for Pete, Stu, Matt and Shaun at the far end of the Wherry Room, one of those train that shuffle coloured blocks around a board types of game. Are there an infinite variety of these coloured block train games ?

I'm not sure but there seem to be a fair few, it can sometimes be tricky to keep on top of which ones you've played and which ones are new / unknown to you.

Steam in this instance was new to a few, so Pete had a chance to teach the rules and look forward to beating up on the inexperienced. The game however turned out to be a very closely fought battle, with only a single point separating the winner - Pete, from the runner-up - Matt.

This left five of us to come up with something non Steam to do. First up we tried Flash Point, a family friendly game all about rescuing people and putting out - or at least attempting to keep in check - the devil of all house fires.

This is a nice simple, quick game which is a lot trickier than it first looks - mainly due to a fire that spreads almost as fast as you can deal with it. Players that don't pay mind to at least keeping things under control can find that they are rather more of a hindrance than a help, as the fire spreads on their turn and yet may be doing nothing about it.

It seems we had the B Team on firefighting duty as we struggled to keep on top of things and firefighters milled around doing everything but extinguihsing fires. Ed, comfortable in the ambulance, spent a good few turns just listening to the radio, whilst Ewan, deciding that his outfit simply didnt match the colour of his eyes wanted to change uniforms mid firefight. Jumping into the disco ambulance with Ed, much grooving and clothe swapping was to be had.

Prioritising the house cat, Tiddles was lead safely out - after having received emergency treatment from Ed - and was one of the few survivors of the deadly inferno.

The game ended with a pile of burned bodies and a collapsed house. Myself and Nicky were caught in the collapse, whilst Ed, Ewan and Fletch lounged in their vehicles.

After that co-op failure, Castle Panic hit the table.
Waves of monsters crashed towards the castle, a series of trolls and leaders making short work of the defenders.

In quick order Team B - now having been put in charge of the castle - saw their abode reduced to rubble, Nicky being crowned the least worst of the failed defenders.

Clearly co-operation not being a strong point table two finished off the evening with an incomplete game of Star Wars : X Wing Miniatures.

Wedge Antilles with his souped up X-Wing and R2 in the back made a curious opening move that managed to attract the attention of every single imperial pilot. Meanwhile the rest of the rebel pilots decided to ignore Wedge and go in their own direction.

Wedge Antilles feels it might not be his day
 With the empire gunning for poor Wedge the results were inevitable.

Poor Wedge.

The Imperials were uncannily well co-ordinated leaving half the rebels staring into thin air, whilst Wedge went down in a hail of laser cannon fire.

1-0 to the Empire.

Quickly circling around, TIEs dodged incoming shots left and right, launched some attacks of their own all to an inconclusive result.

Time was called, and the game finished incomplete.


Mr Bond said...

Love the enhanced photos. Can't believe you didn't use the black tablecloth though...

Bork said...

Ha ha yes, a fail on the black table cloth, although to be fair this was the third game that hit the table :p

Alfonso said...

I'd like to give X-Wing Miniatures another try. I think those plucky rebels may have come through.

What am I talking about? They didn't stand a chance.

Bork said...

Yep yep, I'm very up for some more star wars things.

Pew pew pew.

I want a campaign system now.

With patrols. And pilots that get better. And raids. And stuff.

Plus I have a hankering to make some super simple 3d asteroids.