Monday, 15 April 2013

Playtesting "Dead By Dawn"

"Dead by Dawn" is a new board game being developed by Norwich-based game designer and Norwich Indie Game Developers (NIGD) member Jon Creek. He's running a playtest session for his game at the Unthank Arms on the 15th May.

From the game's description:

"The zombie apocalypse is here and you must get to a place of safety before your home town is completely overrun by the hordes of Zed! You have joined up with other survivors for protection, but remember that it's about looking after number one! Loot a good weapon. Avoid getting bitten! Gather essential equipment. Leave your companions to die! Do whatever it takes to survive.

Dead by Dawn is a fiercely competitive game of survival where each player must find the right balance between teamwork and self interest to come out on top."

If you fancy giving Jon a hand by playing and giving feedback on his game, then head over to the NIGD Meet Up page and sign up.

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