Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Dicing Iceni

Diceni - an upcoming gaming event is hitting The Forum in Norwich on the 7th April - and entry is free. Card games, board games, LARPs and RPGs will be present ( although to my eye it looks dominated by table top minis ), as well as a few characters donning their cosplay best.

The holders are hoping it's popular enough to become a recurring dealio, so if you are free on the 7th you might want to pop into Norwich to have a look.

More info here


Alfonso said...

I'll be going and bringing a couple of mates with me. Then we'll probably head off to the pub afterwards.

Minitrue said...


I think I'll have a look in see what's going on as well - if I had known about it earlier we could have had a bit of NoBoG presence there with some gaming.

Mr Bond said...

We'll see about getting a stand if it goes well and they plan to hold the event next year.

Alfonso said...

I must say that this was rather dissapointing.