Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Last night we played Steam. The update/re-make of Martin Wallace’s classic train game Age of Steam. We played the Northern England board, which comes with the Steam Barons expansion. The expansion comes with additional rules for stocks, but we chose to keep it simple and play with the rules from the base game. I say simple, but even with just the base game this is a meaty affair and with six players we just got it finished by last orders. Jimmy, the old hand, won easily almost 20 points clear of the pack. I just pipped Northern Luke to second place, Pete came fourth, Tash was fifth and poor old Lovely Rich was last, but it was very close between the five of us. This was the second time I’d played Steam and despite owning the original, I am now convinced that I need to get this. In fact, as if to prove how good Steam is we even had spectators for most of the evening. Rory and Sarah turned up a bit too late to join in any games, but hung around and watched the game and had a few drinks. Hopefully we’ll see them back next week and they'll get to enjoy some gaming.


Kevin said...

Steam is one of my favorite games, I am not that good at it and have had my rear handed to me a few times but I always look forward to playing. It gets an 8.5 from me on BoardGameGeek.


King Crocker said...

Jimmy wins train game shock! I think its time to crack out 18xx

Mr Bond said...

Steam has crept into my list of top 10 games - not that surprising as I love Age of Steam, but feel that Steam does it all with a bit more style.

Still not played a proper 18XX.