Thursday, 28 October 2010

Now Another word from our sponsors

More games which are for sale: all in good condition and complete

Marracash £18

Prophecy £35

Funny friends £17

Axis and Allies (2004) £30

Hamburgum £27

Eketorp £18

Comuni £18

Dominion intrigue £24

Die golden stadt (the golden city) £20 (new in shrink)

Dungeon twister £15 + Paladins & Dragons £15

San Juan £14

10% off for multiple buys - ask me questions by phone or in person ta. Luke


Elite said...

I'll take Dominion Intrigue and San Juan please, if they are still available.

2 is a multiple. :P

Luke Superior.

King Crocker said...

be advised I dont accept cheques, green shield stamps, morrisons vouchers or student luncheon vouchers, just cash.....folding money not bags of 1p & 2ps either.