Wednesday, 7 November 2007

NBG gets Trained by Matty B

A classic we love that rarely gets out on the table at NBG, gatewayed us into easier fare after Cuba. Surprisingly Tom had never played this family euro and after a rules session from Jimmy we began. Matt won convincingly having made only a few tickets but his completed network consisted of long connections that took him to a score around 125. Jimmy placed second having taken every available red carriage, he made the long tunnel link at the top of the board and ended on a score around 110. Oliver and Luke both ended on the same score 95 and Tom was last but got a reasonable first play score considering he was left of Jimmy and never saw red cards all game. The scores may have been tighter if Matt hadn't have ended the game so quickly laying down 3 long train sets in four quick goes but the result would have remained the same. Bondy is the man to beat when it comes to T2R besides we need to let him win something occasionally.....

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