Thursday, 5 March 2009

Blinded by the Light.

And we’re back…

The Ribs has had a facelift. It’s a little trendier, a bit lighter, but has the same beer and on a Tuesday evening is still full of idiots – well, it is once we arrive.

The Wherry Room is much unchanged. It’s had a lick of paint, the benches have been re-upholstered and we now have two televisions to resolutely ignore. I also think it’s a bit lighter in there. There were comments that the new basin in the toilets is rubbish. Tom ventured back to the table with a wet leg blaming the new basin, but we all know he’s crap at dexterity games, so I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to say that he might also have problems at the urinals…

Anyway, ten appeared on Tuesday; all the same old faces. I played the teutonically named Preu├čische Ostbahn (Prussian Eastern Railway). It’s like Wabash Cannonball – same low-grade production, high-grade gaming goodness – but even better. There’s more going on and although it’s not as subtle as Wabash, there seems a lot more variation. Tom, beat the four of us, to be crowned king of stock buying games, however the outcome was closer than we feared and Tom probably cheated.

Across the room the other five played Puerto Rico in Space/Twilight Imperium Lite, depending on who you listen to. The game is actually called Galactic Emperor and it sounds like it got decent reception. In all honesty I only got an appraisal from Crocker. He didn’t suggest any rule tweaks and it seems like he wants to play it again, leaving me with the impression that all went to plan, he won and that he probably enjoyed it.

We are now mentioned on the Ribs of Beef website.

Beer: I had a pint of Marston’s Sweet Chariot. A full and fruity flavoured beer, with a spicy aroma and the sweet taste of success for every Englishman to savour. So it’s nothing like the England Rugby Team then? I compare it to Ra, gets tried by me every year and is fine if there’s nothing more interesting around. 6/10.

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King Crocker said...

cheers Matt, excellent to have you blog, and yes Galactic Emperor needs some more exploring. Its like Puerto rico because of the gaining of vp chits as an end game mechanic but it is more like Twilight in theme and has conflict with dice rolling, but as more people have paid puerto rico its easier to draw that comparison and have people get a gist of what to expect who the role selection mechanic.

I played with Tarn, Luke minor, Jack (the twat in the hat...Dr Doom...'if I brought down some game I picked up from a charity shop with a picture of a monkey on it eating what looks like a space ship but it isnt that reminds of that thing you said last week about turnips, would you play it?....your mum) Shannon, Hal and Ben. I appeared to be running away with it but my lead got crawled back and in the end I won by a short head. Hal didnt like it, Ben thought he had lost before the end of round one (which he hadnt , he nearly won) and most enjoyed it and wanted to play it again. so I hope we will.

I have it on good authority that Tom DID cheat in your game.