Tuesday, 20 April 2010

There was quite a selection of games to choose from this week, with Crocker, Jimmy, Hal and myself all lugging games down to the Ribs. We were also blessed with two tables of five, which was the ideal number of players for most of the games. Requests were made for Antike and Pillar's of the Earth.

Jimmy, Hal, Wesker, Ben and myself played Antike. A euro efficiency game about building cities, temples, fleets, technological developments around the Mediterranean with a bit of ransacking temples thrown in to keep the bloodthirsty players amused. All went well until Hal (Rome) quite legitimately ransacked one of Ben's (Germanic) temples. This angered Ben and in a stupid move he threw all he had at Hal's empire, Hal took a beating, but Ben left many of his cities undefended. This pretty much handed me the game as my Carthaginians waltzed into five of his cities, gained an extra victory card and put me in spitting distance of the finishing line with little chance of reprisal.

Meanwhile Crocker's table (the twins, Lovely Rich and Pete McCall) were racing to build a cathedral in Pillar's of the Earth (based on Ken Follet's book of the same name). I say race, but building a cathedral isn't something one does in a single evening, oh no. I played a full game of Anitke, helped Jimmy pack away, reset the room, chatted about giant ash clouds, gave Hal a lift home, had a light snack and a drink, kissed the wife goodnight, and I've written this entry. I've just texted Luke and they're still playing...

Beer. Iceni's Raspberry Wheat is on a the Ribs. This is my favourite beer, but I foolishly chose to drive so missed out on it's awesome tastiness. Gutted.

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Mr Bond said...

News just in... They've finished Pillars. Pete definitely won. or maybe it was Rich. Crocker third.