Monday, 6 December 2010

Just a quick update for last Tuesday...

We were joined by Kevin and Christine, who came all the way from San Francisco to entertain us with Endeavour. I’d not played it before, but it’s seen table time at the Ribs on a couple of other occasions, but I was probably playing Chaos in the Old World. It’s an optimisation/area influence game on the more abstract side of the euro spectrum (the theme is world exploration and empire building). It plays quickly and is mostly tactical. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Jimmy won, beating me by one point. Crocker came last as he spent the whole game gearing up for a spoiling move to deny my victory in response to my dastardly attack on him during Caylus the other week. Curse you, Crocker [shakes fist in rage]. We finshed up with a few hands of Tichu, which I am growing more fond of each time we play. Anyway, welcome to Kevin and Christine; good to have you on board along with your shipping container full of games.

Beer: I was drinking Otter Amber. A superior brew from a brewery with a fine name. Balanced, slightly bitter with a hint of fruit and obviously amber in colour. I rate it an 8 and compare it with Endeavour as both are lovely.

TOMORROW: Norwich Board Gamers 5th birthday. Yes, we have been going for five years. A good excuse to get to the Ribs if you haven’t been for a while, as there will be cake and balloons, drinks and of course games. Huzzah!

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