Thursday, 24 March 2011

Warning: Crocker Crunching Cube Crusher

If you were in the Ribs of Beef on Tuesday evening and know how many nautical gallons there are in a bakers dozen or the time it would take Geoffrey Boycott to mow a meadow, then you probably took part in Emily’s Quiz and Fish night. If not then you were probably downstairs playing board games.

Kev, Christine, Crocker, Luke and Lovely Rich played Hansa Teutonica; a euro style game, which has planted it’s flag firmly in the euro game camp. I can tell this as it has victory points, action points, worker placement, network building, a load of coloured wooden cubes and even a bearded man on the cover of the box. It should also have little picture of Luke Crocker in the corner with the words “Warning: Crocker Crunching Cube Crusher” as this is just the type of game that he loves and excels at. I can’t tell you much about it, but it looked nice and apparently needed 40 minutes of analysis after Crocker won. After the debate finished they whipped out China, which Crocker also won.

I re-visited Settlers of America: Trails to Rails with Punk Rich, Stu and Tom. I was pleased to get a second chance to play this while it was still fresh in my mind from last week, especially against Tom and Rich, who had played it before and therefore (possibly) came to the table with strategies in mind. We played a close fought game, but despite winning it’s gone down in my estimation. It’s still a good game, but the strategies are more transparent than I imagined and I am, therefore, more sensitive to the slow pace of the game and the relatively long playing time.

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