Thursday, 20 September 2012

Tokyo Wonders

Ed returned this week from a summer spent swanning around the picturesque spots of the Mediterranean and partaking of activities like diving off the coast of Egypt. Realising that such things could not be as fulfilling as a Tuesday evening down the pub playing board games, he returned to the fold and brought Lucy along too, just in time to sit down for a session of 7 Wonders.

Dean, Tim, Stu, Lucy and Ed clashed science geeks and military in their race to be most Wondrous with Dean yet again hauling in a win. Dean seems to be on something of a roll with 7 Wonders wins just lately. Pete - not even playing the game - denounced 7 Wonders to be nothing more than random card shuffling with few if any choices, thus ensuring any future board game diplomacy with Dean would start on Troubled. This does not bode well for any Risk Legacy shenanigans . . .

King of Tokyo was next up for the five, proving so popular that Tokyo had to endure the marauding violence twice in succession.

Sam, Pete, Bondy and myself engaged in post apocalyptic skirmishing with Earth Reborn, and despite Pete being dubious we could finish or even start the game, the evil Salemites managed to infiltrate the missile base and set off the nukes towards Norad City.

Sam scrambling to abort the launch managed to punch in the cancel codes in a very cinematic turn of events, only for the underhand Bondy to immediately engage the launch cycle once more and end the game.

The single surviving Salemite team member had survived and pulled off the mission.

I really like this game - the setup for the set scenarios is at best a pain, and at worst downright awful, but the game itself plays really nicely and hits a lot of gaming buttons I haven't had hit in a long while - it begs for expansions, and almost wants to be a target for an X-COM Enemy Unknown re-theme.

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