Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Just Seventeen

Just Seventeen, often referred to as J-17, was a weekly magazine aimed at teenage girls, published by Emap from October 1983. The market leader until the launch of Sugar in 1994, after which sales began to fall. In 1997, the magazine was changed to a monthly format in response to the declining circulation, but finally closed in 2004. OK, so that has nothing to do with NoBoG and is just a circuitous way of mentioning that we had record attendance at the Ribs of Beef with SEVENTEEN turning up to play games. Is this the Golden Age of NoBoG? I’m certainly not declaring such a thing. I know full well that if I did we’d be down to just two of us next week -  forced to play Kogge, Vampire: Prince of the City or Medici with a man drinking cream.  So no, I dare not suggest such a thing.

Last night was great, if a little cramped in the Wherry Room. So I took a contingent consisting of Ed and three newcomers, Owen, Grant and Mark, upstairs to play Amun-Re. Nicky, Alina, Matt and Martin played Hansa Teutonica - and then played it again for good measure. Jimmy, Tom and Dean played Castles of Burgundy. And on the end table there was the only marr on the evening as Pete, Rich, Stu, Moritz and Sam inflicted Race for the Galaxy on themselves - twice - followed by Alhambra.

Winners for the evening were: myself (tie-breaker with Ed), Alina, Matt, Jimmy. And on the table of gruelling punishments: Rich swept the board with three victories.


Minitrue said...

You have a disturbingly good knowledge of Just Seventeen. Certainly more than I would say a guy of *cough* years would know.

Also, you will now get Google linking Just Seventeen searches to NoBoG. Prepare for an influx of middle aged housewives with a penchant for multiple choice relationship questionnaires.

When Playing Hansa Teutonica do you
a) Fancy the person you are sitting next to but don't know what to say to them ?
b) Get your friend to tell them you fancy them ?
c) Have a friend that fancies the person sitting next to you ?
d) Never trust what Pete says.

If you answered mostly d's you are a wise and hip chick.

Mr Bond said...

Did you not hear the news? Middle-aged housewives are now our core demographic...

or so Pete says.