Friday, 2 November 2012


Are you into the arty side of board games, or are you just a crunch person ?

Artist Alex Aparin has posted the cover art of Merchant of Venus over on deviantart, and I think it's rather spiffy.

Click on the image to head over to the artist's deviantart post to get a much better look. ( Try also clicking on the image on the deviant art page for an even bigger clearer version ).

You can also check out some other game type art Alex has done in his gallery. Descent for one. He also did the cover for the Pathfinder RPG halfling supplement. Gosh.

Gallery is here for those of a deviant art challenged nature.


Mr Bond said...

Nice. Has any one pulled the trigger on this game yet?

Minitrue said...

I thought Dean had it. Or did he just mention it. I dunno, the art has made me look into the game, it looks quite funky, I would certainly like to give it a go.

Minitrue said...

Never judge a book ( or a game ) by its cover.

And yet I do. A lot. Pfah !