Sunday, 16 December 2012

Incoming Transmission

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Alas I was not able to attend the Ribs this week just gone, so I cannot report on the shenanigans that unfolded therein. However, I can only assume in the face of Bondy's blog radio silence, the garbled message above, and the shambling pale faced flu infested undead wandering up and down my road, that some faithful NoBoGers are busy defending the Ribs from the Mayan end of the world, whilst simultaneously getting in a game of Saboteur.

Multi tasking the end of the world - just because its the apocalypse doesn't mean Pete has no time to beat you at Race for the Galaxy.

I'll have twelve shotgun shells and a packet of pork scratchings, thanks. And your last move is illegal.

Apparently there were 8 at the Ribs this week. With a new person - Fletch ( who I suspect only blundered into the gaming whilst running away from a horde of zombies that had taken over Norwich High Street ) and some games - La Citta, Mecante and Saboteur.

Gaming as scheduled for this week. Personally speaking, along with my Apocalypse Handy Survival Kit I shall be bringing Merchant of Venus and Archipelago.


Mr Bond said...

I’d written a lovely blog post, but totally forgot to post it. In short...

Stu decided not to come to NoBoG on Tuesday as it was his birthday and he wanted to spend it with his family. Wrong family, Stu. That’s going down in the NoBoG Journal of Transgressions. John, I assume you were preparing for the end of the world so we’ll let you off.

Rich, Fletch Nicky and I played La Citta. An ancient game published way back in 2000.

The others managed to play Dean’s copy Mercante (the second game in the Tempest setting to be played at the club). This is an economic game consisting of auctions and commodity trading with a few special powers and events thrown in to allow for cunning and devious play. Generally favourable murmurings could be heard coming from the table so it sounds like a thumbs up from Dean, Moritz, Tom and the winner Matt.

Beer: I was drinking Golden Triangle’s Black Hops IBA – India Black Ale. Nice. 8/10

Minitrue said...

Ha, you should just post this as a new post !