Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Dice Rule OK

A quiet six for the evening at the Ribs.

And two, count them, two dice games, to one non dice game. Take that finally balanced Euros !

Ewan having played and enjoyed Blood Bowl : Team Manager last week decided to go out and purchase it, and brought it along to the pub this week. This served as my excuse to finally get round to playing it, so myself Ewan and Sam got down to the business of a brawl with a ball.

Sam selected the punchy Dwarves, Ewan went for the equally smashy Chaos, and so feeling obliged to bring a little bit of finesse to the game I turned down Orcs and went for Wood Elves - not without a bit of trepidation, as anyone who knows Blood Bowl will know that the Wood Elves can be a tricky bunch of pansies skilled athletes to get the most out of.

I enjoyed the game a lot, despite my Wood Elves being fairly true to form and getting owned left, right and centre. It seems there is a bit of a technique with the Elves ( figures ) , where you probably want to get your hands on as many Star Players as quickly as possible. Struggling to win any matches and not particularly targeting Stars ( I got a single Star Player in the entire game ) , it was an uphill struggle.

Ewan and Sam were left to duke it out in a contest of no finesse and all violence. Ewans Chaos team loved a bit of violence however and were rewarded fans each time something nasty happened. Sam's Dwarves were formidable, but it has to be said some of the players seemed to lack enthusiasm for the game. One particular troll slayer managing to fail three dice rolls in succession. You're Fired !

Cheating went on aplenty from the two more cheaty teams, but alas, the refs were blind, and very few sendings off occurred - again to the detriment of the entirely above board Elves.

Final tally was close, only two points in it between Sam and Ewan, in the region of the mid fourties the Elves... eh... better not to mention them.

Cool game, really captures Blood Bowl nicely, it feels like there is a lot more you could do around this kind of Blood Bowl themed multiplayer game style. Which to me is always a good sign.

Sam stuck Small World on the table next for us as it was still fairly early. We didn't quite get to finish it but agreed on a finishing turn, and in the end my bunch of declining reprobates won. Can't say I have played Small World with three players before - it gets to be played on the small map, but I think personally speaking this is probably a reasonably decent sweet spot for the game. More players can suffer from as Pete says - a popularity contest. It's easy to get a thorough kicking in Small World.

Pete, Jerry and Stu elected to play Eclipse, although Stu didn't seem entirely up for Galactic conquest. However this turned out to be nothing more than a deft ruse, as Galactic Emperor Stu stormed to a mid game lead that frankly looked unbeatable. Stu with Teched up dreadnoughts sitting at Galactic centre, Pete with literally *nothing* in his empire and an average economy of a few planets, and Jerry tucked up in the corner nursing some cruisers, it all looked good for Stu. In fact it looked like there could be another Humiliation Event, with the possibility of undefended Pete being wiped out by the neutron bomb wielding might of Emperor Stu.

The game didn't go that way however, Stu entirely of his own volition managed to vacate Galactic Centre to send his forces on vacation somewhere, Pete escaped the fate of the meek by some pinning and building ( although I am not sure how he pulled this off as he was in a hole of limited resources and no ships ), and Jerry managed to almost max out his tech. Finally tally was closer than it looked, but Emperor Stu was still the victor, his late game vacationing not costing him the game - when you are that far into the lead, you can kick back a bit eh ?

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Peter Chinkin said...

Yeah, I think my unorthodox strategy of rolling 2 too few dice for each of 7 rounds of combat while I took on the galactic centre might have backfired somewhat - much like pointing a double barrelled sawn off shotgun at my own feet and gleefully firing, just as I was about to set off running a marathon. Doh!