Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Are You Loyal, Citizen ?

Thirteen this week, another two newcomers - Richard and Kai - dropping into experience the organised chaos that is NoBoG. If you're counting, that's six newcomers that have turned up in July.

No new and shiny games this week, three previous titles getting an airing - The Village, Power Grid and Terra Prime. Bondy executed a last ditch effort to plant his family in an early grave Logan's Run style to prevent Tom claiming his victory in the Village. Rich meanwhile capitalised on some mid game fortune to cap the win of the power stations - Sam who had never played was content with his mid table third of five placement and after some trial and error had a grasp of the rules of Power Grid. And lastly Matt won in a fairly strong showing in Terra Prime, a combination of some good cargo hauling, colonisation and a bit of exploration bringing the bacon home.

The evening finished with three rounds of The Resistance, four disloyal citizens attempting to bring down the evil Government all the while opposed by three loyal spies. Lies, accusations and underhand play ruled the table as the Resistance came crashing down three times out of three, the Government proving that it doesn't pay to fight the system. The noble freedom fighters nearly won one of three - indeed all the spies had been correctly identified and were generally acting like rabbits in headlights, but the spies managed to do enough to secure a flukey win with a lucky card pull, enabling them to hog the leadership and stack the mission with government toadies. Despite the clamours for execution of obvious known spies, it was not to be and the incompetent Resistance failed again.

The moral of the story here is that if you join a subversive organisation where nearly 50% of its members are working for the opposition, expect to get caught.

This game has proven to be most raucous of the raucous games at The Ribs as blatantly underhand activities are shouted down and fingers are pointed. Cool stuff. But oh so short again.

If you are interested in the Resistance and haven't seen it in action, Robin pointed out a good video last week of a Tabletop episode giving this a whirl. It's really rather groovy and probably deserves a watch, even if you are familiar with the game.


Alfonso said...

Although I was having fun playing Village I couldn't help but think that the other table was having much more fun due to the noise coming from over there. I would really love to give the Resistance a go next week.

Mr Bond said...

I'll remember to shout a bit more if we play Village again.