Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Feedback Required

Feedback is required here - all you lurkers and not quite lurkers get your act together, dust off your communication skills and offer your opinion.

Do you think some form of suggestion box for what games to play / bring along for the next week of NoBoG would be beneficial / work ?

The point has been raised before. On paper its a good idea. I am not sure in practice whether it does anything for you given a certain threshold of procrastination. I don't know though, that's just my hunch. NoBoG is nothing if not laid back and relaxed. Actually pre-planning something beyond - There will be Beer, and There Will be Games is practically heresy.

If anyone has anything to say about such a game play suggestion box type thing - Yes, No, I would Like To Offer A Brilliant Plan for alternatives / Or A Plan On how you could go about doing that, then leave a comment !

If you have nothing to say about it... leave a comment.

The Technical Ideas Implementation Staff at NoBoG Towers await with baited breath and twitchy fingers. We've let them out of their usual dark subterranean office for the day....


Sam Blackwell said...

Hmmm. I have a vague idea floating around in my head, although not very fleshed out.

Perhaps we could have a page where people could put up what games they have that they are happy to bring along. Then some kind of simple system where people can register their interest in whatever games are out there.

On the one hand it would be nice to be able to have a look on a tuesday afternoon and see "Oh look, 20 people want to give Ground Floor a play at some point, I'll bring it along" and on the other hand, if I see that someone has Race for the Galaxy I might say "Hooray! I'll let them know I want to play it immediately."

Some random afterthoughts: you might want to include a way to "tick" when you've played the game and never ever want to see it again. Also, if the list of games was somehow grouped e.g. big games, small games etc. it might be nicer to look at.

That's enough ramblings for now. Interested to hear what others think.

Minitrue said...

Sounds good, and all very do-able technical wise.