Saturday, 25 January 2014

Hey, that's my bamboo !

Concise-a-tron activated.

Attendees : Seventeen
New people ? : Yes
Tables : Four
Games played : Lords of Waterdeep, Takenoko, Mascarade, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Smash up, Core Worlds, Suburbia, Blood Bowl Team Manager, Resistance : Avalon
Did you win ? : No. All the games were rubbish. I blame Pete for losing us Resistance.
Tips : Don't play Owen at Core Worlds. He is a Core Worlds Savant.

Concise-a-tron out.

Got to play Takenoko this week, the game of bamboo growing, angry gardeners and greedy pandas. You can see this play out over on tabletop if you haven't already :

If you dig the theme, and with such lovely presentation who doesn't dig the theme, then this game is an enjoyable romp around the zen garden.
Bamboo, gardener, panda. Must be Hey, that's my Bamboo !
The game is overwhelmingly controlled by what random cards you pick up ( which you score points with ), and by and large is pretty much out of your hands in a bigger sense, but it's still fun to run around trying to beat everyone else to their perfect bamboo setup.

Played a quick hand of Mascarade - why is it this game is only ever played with five or so down the pub, I would love to see it with a fuller table ( it does up to 13 ) - which was fun, Nicky kept forgetting which card was which when both were in her hand - she'd shuffle, confuse herself, and get no gain at all out of it. Not quite the point of the game. But funny.

Betrayal was also fun. The evil Nicky was running around as the small girl, found another small girl to keep her company, and it suddenly became oh so clear we were stuck in The Shining. Nicky went out on to knife the Jock upstairs, knife the socialite in the basement, and otherwise direct her demons to eat everyone else. Happy days.

Resistance was played. Bad guys failed. A pretty lucky set of people was found for the missions. Me, Pete and Dean should have done a better bad guy job. Tricky.

Core Worlds. Meta game of trying to fit as
many cards as possible onto the smallest table possible.
Suburbia. Sam came a lamentable third with a PR firm
that didn't quite fit.

A last note, The Ribs have started locking both understairs cupboards - the cloths and levelling device have been relocated to the larger cupboard and may require bar staff attendance to get them out.

Until next week bat fans, same bat time, same bat channel.

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