Monday, 2 November 2015

NoBoG Secret Santa

James - no not that James, the other James - has decided to organise a NoBoG Secret Santa, allowing NoBoGers the chance to buy their fellow gamers some random, but hopefully appreciated game.

For those with purse holding significant others, what better way to hide a game purchase than exclaiming that you didn't buy this game, someone else bought it for you, thus eliminating any wasteful spending lectures or arguments about how much you've spent on stupid cards this month.

From the NoBoG Facebook -

 NoBoG Secret Santa signup sheet. as far as the donation goes, please give me donations on tuesdays. If im not there then Bork has kindly agreed to be a money man.

 I will endeavour to bring some slips on Tuesday so let me know here if interested so I have an idea of numbers. You can be 'in' for any amount you like and I will let you know well in advance who you are buying for. I suggest everyone has a BGG collection done so your Santa at least knows what not to buy etc....
I suggest a 50p administration fee. I won't keep this. It will be used as an insurance (in case anyone buggers off) and any remainder will go to charity.

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