Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Was it something I wrote?

This is the way of the NBG…. Was it the planned absence of the ever popular Matt? Was it the crunch Man Utd Barca game? Was it my choice of deodorant? Either way Ollie was the only non-Crocker to attend….it was new years all over again and much to our regret (especially Kats) we played in the shadow of the emperor.

'Im Schatten des Kaisers' to give it the correct title is a euro-tastic politics game with interesting possibilities but a lot of minor rarely needed (yet essential) rules. The game started with Ollie being emperor and right from the first turn rule interpretation was unclear, games like this need exhaustive rule FAQs to cover umpteen eventualities unfortunately our FAQ was extremely limited so we made the best of it and used our flawed logic and judgment. In the final round there was a similar situation as the one at the beginning of the game, which created a third possible unknown outcome. Luke and Ollie simplified the rules and readjusted the VP awarded in the first round, as a result the game was an honourable (and thoroughly time wasting) draw.

I first played this wrong with two players and found playing it wrong with three a vast improvement, however I have no doubt that four is the magic number so look out and get involved in playing it wrong with me soon.

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Mr Bond said...

Ollie really should have tried to win this. A missed opportunity for him to leap on the table and shout "In your face Crockers!"