Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Vampires Suck.

Proclaimed as a player character among non-player characters, the never understated Jack Shannon and his long suffering sidekick, Luke*, turned up on time this Tuesday. Whether this is a new trend cannot be confirmed, however, what can be confirmed is that Jack was packing a whole world of pain. Or should that be world of darkness? For Jack had brought Vampire: Prince of the City, the board game adaptation of White Wolf's popular Vampire role playing game. It didn't take Jack long to start peddling his wares and although I can't remember his sales pitch, it must have been convincing as he soon had a table full of eager Primogens ready to fight it out to become Vampire Prince of the City...

Meanwhile, I gathered a fine bunch, ready to slap the credit crunch firmly in the face and play the capitalistic Container. This was my first play of the game with a full compliment of five and it certainly plays best with the full number. Rachel bought her way to victory with $118, but was closely followed by Hal. I came in third just edging out 4th placed Dan (which I was fairly pleased with as I wasn't too far off the pace and tried a novel strategy of not buying any containers for the central island). Luke trailed in last with just $7 to his name.

Richard H was foiled at his attempt to get Combat Commander: Europe to the table. He'd played it last week and was given a lesson in war by Andy, though apparently they'd got some rules wrong the last time round so those results were declared null and void. Anyway, Richard, James and Chris played Torres and Atlantic Star. Someone, presumably, won both games, though I couldn't tell you who. So to satisfy us all, I'll say that James won a close game of Torres and Chris won Atlantic Star by a large margin.

Which brings us back to Vampire: Prince of the City. Crocker, Tarn, Richie and Jack were joined by newcomer Lewis** (who was thrust into the game without even a rules session). The horror that ensued was not down to the vampire theme, but because the game was declared to be "worse than playing hoopla with a tramp's cock". Ritchie destroyed all the competition and was eventually crowned Prince of the un-named city, declaring, in his victory speech "The best thing about the game, was that it ended.".

Beer: I had a pint of Deuchars IPA. I compare it to the MB Games classic Shogun (Samurai Swords), which I remember being better than it actually is
(though I have a feeling the beer might have been a bit off). 5 out of 10.

* Apologies to Luke. I realise giving you the moniker of Jack Shannon's sidekick is a pretty harsh put down, even in jest.

** Apologies to Lewis for not only making him play the most derided game in the history of the Norwich Board Gamers, but suggesting that he might be the designer of said game.


Dan said...

That vampire game was one of the most amusing times I've had down the pub.

But only because I wasn't playing it.

King Crocker said...

Jack really tried his best with this game and not wanting to exclude players I agrred to play. His rules session was enthusiastic (although dissjointed) but Lewis coped having not heard any of the rules. The game had redeamable features in the same way that Hitler wasn't all bad. If mussolini made the trains run on time then this vampires game was a 'quirky' area control game. I know I disslike mechanics in games when I feel others have been harshly treated. If I can see it was unfair then it must be as I am a pretty selfless gamer. Lewis was picked on in the begining as he started aggressively he was kicked when he was down and we all enjoyed baiting the new guy. Later Lewis, Tarn and then me became vicitims of the rather bizzare lack of attrition. A real gauge for the game was Rich who, liking war games, playing his usual upset nobody strategy, won and was reading the game well constantly made 'this game sucks' remarks. If you win and hate it what must it be like if you never win it???? Jack?

King Crocker said...

Bravo Bond...keep it up.

Anonymous said...

The only thing I enjoyed about the game (including victory) was taking the piss out of it... rich (punk)