Wednesday, 22 October 2008

We go up to 11

Another reasonable turnout this week with eleven. A bit of an awkward number but we sat down and played a 4 – 4 – 3 formation.

Jimmy, Matt, Andy and new recruit (whose name evades me right now apologies) all played a very close encounter of Wallenstein with Jimmy being victorious with a score in the high forties – all other players where in touching distance also accumulating forty points +. The cube tower always gets comments of interest amongst NBG goers who have never seen it and it remains a popular alternative to dice rolling.

Chris led an introduction to gaming with ticket to ride Europe a fantastic mid weight entry game but due to the interest on other tables this was the ‘3’ player game. Luke* and another person whose name I haven’t learnt (friend of Hal’s I’m sorry) played this moon classic and I don’t know who won…Neither do I know who won there subsequent games of en-guarde or metropolis as I am far to self involved too care or remember.

I taught Mexica to Hal, Ruth and Mark (now I may have remembered that correct….we will see). I felt the game went down well and Mark was particularly good for a first timer and novice NBGer. Ruth got some superb positions but fell off the pace and Hal was his usual steady self (when in doubt crushing Crocker - which despite his efforts failed in) no doubt a second outing of this game will be incredibly tight.

We then played Torres again some beginner mistakes and some dejected sighs but the game worked its way out to being very tight. Hal who was leading at the 2/3rds stage came last with Ruth being second and Mark winning. The kings favour being the tipping points of victory.

It was really nice to play competitive games with some new players and all racial slurs and Jack back stabbing aside some good socialising was had too.

Roll on next week.


andy malcolm said...

why did you post a picture of Olly? it just makes me miss him even more.

Hal said...

My reign of mediocrity continues unchallenged!