Thursday, 26 February 2009

We Now Hate Everything, We Now Hate Everything Na Na Na Na

A mixed reception for Medici and a well won game of Imperial by Tom set up a 'rematch' for those wishing to explore an alternative way of playing this rondel styled popular game. And so we met at the York tavern - six of us - and retired to Heir Bonds. Not wanting to play two games of 3 Imperial was the obvious choice and so we adapted the rules to allow all players to buy shares in a country straight after it had had its turn. The game was relatively close with most players in touching distance of winning the game. Three countries where in contention but ultimately Austria dashed to the line earliest and as a result won through and its major share holder Commandant Crocker ultimately won. However with each play the game becomes less and less popular.

We then played Citadels as warmly recieved as Medici the week before with some players loving it and others hating it. My feelings where mixed but I didnt enjoy playing it with 6 especially as with the group we where in, it felt very slow.

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Pete the Brit said...

Yeah 6 player citadels just drags. I like the game but it is a challenge to get it to the table. I think it's best with 4 people, but if we have 4 we usually end up playing Tichu