Tuesday, 7 April 2009

April fools not present

With no Jack, Luke or Hal it must mean that Easter is upon us and the 'pressure' of the UEA is getting to much for our virgin friends. But not to fear as we managed to enjoy ourselves "out of spite".

Last Tuesday Jimmy, Luke, Punk Rich and Pete played 'A castle for all seasons'. A four play simultaneous action/card selection euro. We started with the basic game which Luke won and then after much deliberation played again with the 'winter rules' involving random interaction cards which Jimmy won. The game was popular with Jimmy and Pete seamed to like it. Rich was unconvinced and Luke was disgusted having lost. The game should play quiet quickly (although we tried to string it out) and for the most part it flowed well. Players each have an identical set of cards which they simulaneously choose from. then each reveal at the same time. Some cards interact with each other and some benefit from other players doing certain things with there turn. The interaction can therefore be high and players who act in isolation will find themselves the victim of clever card selection by there oponants. I actually feel the game has a lot of depth that I would prefer to develop further. But then I would say that wouldnt I.

Mark, Matt and Ben played Yspahan twice. Mark won the first game and Matt the second. Yspahan is an Ystari game and plays in about 40 to 60 minutes. Players role a large set of dice and assign what they role to privileges. Then each player clockwise gets to have an action equal to the number of dice assigned to that action. Once an action is chosen the dice are removed and subsequent players have less choices. The game can be subject to freaky luck conditions but is a fun euro.


Mr Bond said...

And we played Cockroach Poker. Woot!

Hal said...

In lieu of exams this year, UEA has gone for easier to administrate option of giving everyone a 2:1 and medically inducing a massive hangover coupled with no memory of the past 3 years, from which we have all just recovered. (Cue commentary on University system).