Monday, 20 April 2009

Ben kicks ass at ticket to ride AGAIN

We played ticket to ride, original US version and Ben beat both Tom and myself twice. The first game saw Ben use his knowledge and experience to great effect winning well. However the second game become a lot more contentious as the tickets seen and other small issues had a much greater impact on the game. Tom was edged out of around New York and as a result lost 17 or 18 points instead of getting them a swing of close to 40 points which would have seen him win. In addition he made me double back and lose out on longest trail by one train, which would have won me the game. Ben took tickets in his last go and got a 19 point route he had already completed and I took tickets 5 times and only saw one ticket with a score greater than 9 points. Victory however was still Bens despite a lot of soar grapes. It was a fun game but was supplemented by the distraction of the all English champions league football.

Matt, James, Rich and Pete played traders of Genoa which Mr Bond won. As I left they where beginning to play race for the galaxy, result unknown….ish.

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