Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Taj Goodness - last week

Catching up with last week…

I took Taj Mahal to play at the Ribs. As expected there were the usual cries of “You always bring that”. Which isn’t far off the truth, but I’ve checked and only actually played it once so far this year.

Inevitably the prophecies were correct and I won. Ben was allowed to think that he might run away with it, but in reality he was my puppet and I was pulling the strings. He had an excellent mid-game, hoovering up the elephants, but it the final turns I smacked him around giving him real justification to whinge that he was being picked on. Andy and Dave got respectable scores and new/lovely Rich unfortunately didn’t.

Crushed and embarrassed, Ben retired home to his manor and left the remaining four to have an excellent time rolling dice and laughing at each other’s awful rolls (mostly mine) in Roll Through the Ages. Andy won with an empire that dwarfed all that had come before.

Scratchings Count: five bags of piggy goodness were consumed. A sterling effort for four mere mortals.

Beer. I was only drinking Robinson’s Wags to Witches. A seasonal amber coloured bitter. Fairly standard with a hint of fruit and ginger. I liked it and would rate it a 6.5, similar to the board game Cuba, as it’s decent enough in it’s own right, but doesn’t really stand out in an over crowded genre.

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