Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Chalk and Cheese

Six at the Ribs this week. Jimmy, Dave and Pete played Last Train to Wensleydale. A game about trains and cheese from the eminent designer Martin Wallace. Even though the board looks like someone has strewn fatty pigs livers across the board it got glowing praise from all at the table, even the Pete, who is renowned as a Wallace sceptic.

Our table played Hansa, which Ben won. New Rich and I then had a couple of games of Citadels. I won the first game, but Rich came back in the second game with some well timed thieving and assassinations to claim victory.

Scratchings Count: Just three bags. By the looks of it someone had some other bar snack. I will investigate further and name and shame the scratching shunner.

Beer. I was predominately drinking Rudgate’s Jorvik Blonde. An easy drinking flaxen blonde ale with a crisp and refreshing finish. Fairly good. Nice session beer. I give it an 8 and equate it with Battle Line – light, but good enough for repeated play.


andy malcolm said...

phew, was abit worried i was missing that new FFG offering that Dave mentioned.

Mr Bond said...

I don't know if Dave brought any games with him. Hopefully he'll bring it with him at some point.

Maybe tomorrow?