Thursday, 17 December 2009

la la la la la la Brazil

I received a nice welcome from many gamers on Tuesday night. Paying what was my first visit to the ribs in several months. Both Jimmy and I had brought the latest power grid expansion to play and we got Pete, Jack, Katie (Jacks lady friend) and a joint Rachel Chris team to attempt Brazil.

The map was very interesting as far as power grid cartography gets with significant areas that had many cheap links and less popular ridiculously expensive zones. This created a lot of congestion but we where separated into two pockets of northerners and southerners, each group fighting over cheap links but neither really overlapping until perhaps the very final builds.

Jimmy won and I ended in second place, considering my ridiculously bad start I should be happy with, Pete and Jack where close behind and whilst they could power as many cities as Jimmy they just lacked the funds for expansions. Rachel / Chris and Katie where the next peg back. As always it was a tight game separated by small decisions in the timings of sprinting for the line.

As usual we mocked Jack who took it all in the spirit it was said…..Merry Christmas

The Two Richards, Luke minor and Mr Bond played …..something which escapes me for the moment but after that eventful game they cracked on with small world, which was still being contested when I left.

It was good to be back, some stress free gaming to end the year. Nice hohoho.