Thursday, 25 March 2010

A man walks into a bar. Ouch!

There was a ruckus down the Ribs. No, Punk Rich didn’t get medieval on Ben’s ass (except in a game of Dominion), but two ladies set about some bloke with a bar stool. Thankfully, we were shut away downstairs in the Wherry room and no damage was inflicted on the NoBoGers or more importantly any of the precious, precious games. Whew, safe.

Three tables of gamers this week. Jimmy, Luke, New Andy and the fearsome Jack Shannon bowed and scrapped to the great god Amun-Re, as they built pyramids and planted crops along the ancient flooded Nile. Jimmy predictably walked away with victory, but I hear that the young upstart Luke gave him a run for his money.

On the central table, Pete, Punk Rich and Ben got down to the serious business of Dominion. There was little banter as they shuffled their way through three games, and by the end of the evening the honours were even with one win apiece.

On the final table I taught Settlers of Catan to New Pete and Lovely Rich. We were joined by Katie who had previously played Catan. Unfairly maligned by many of the NoBoG crew, Settlers went down very well, especially with Pete, and after the initial game, which I won, we reset it all and played it for a second time. This time Pete emerged victorious, narrowly beating Rich, who couldn’t quite get to ten victory points, despite being fuelled by pork scratchings that he’d bought off the internet. Settlers has once again worked its magic, as it sounds like Pete might buy himself a copy of Settlers to start off his board game collection.

Beer: I foolishly had a pint of Eagle IPA. It was cheap and nasty, like an old copy of Lunch Money bought from a jumble sale.

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andy malcolm said...

gutted i missed the fight :(