Wednesday, 16 June 2010

This one's for you, Dave.

Dave didn't know we had a blog. He does now! Say, "Hi Dave."

After last weeks hiatus we were back to business down the Ribs. Back to business with an added dose of football. Not just any football, but World Cup 2010 football. And what a footballing treat we had to accompany the games on Tuesday - the mighty Brazil vs everyone's favourite Democratic Republic; the Democratic People's Republic of Korea*. It was going to be a hammering...

Just like our game of Taj Mahal. I couldn't believe Jimmy, Rich and Andy didn't realised that they were DPRK and I was Brazil when it came to playing Taj. Lambs to the slaughter came to mind. Except it didn't go as planned. It was like we were hurled into some parallel universe. Not only did the Brazilians fail to score more than two goals, but they also let DPRK score a goal as well. Crazy! And even more unlikely was that I came third in Taj Mahal. Beaten by Jimmy and Rich by quite a stretch. THIRD? What next? Switzerland beating Spain...

On the other table, in a small pocket of normality, Crocker crushed Dave and Pete at the spatial manipulation game Pueblo. Twice.

Beer: I had a pint of Shepherd Neame's aptly named 4-4-2. Pale in colour, full bodied, and brewed with 10 different hop varieties to celebrate the World Cup. I rate it a 6 and compare it to Le Harve as it seems a bit too much trouble to go to for something that average.

* I must admit I'm partial to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, but only because it looks like some crazy doctor when written on maps. DR Congo will see you now.


Mr Bond said...

Almost forgot if you want to see proper news about the DPRK then go here.

Anonymous said...

Honored to be mentioned as the heading guys! The Blog is a good read but most evenings for the next few weeks will have World Cup disruption - hopefully with more Nth Korea !!!


Phil said...

Hi there,

I was just wondering if you're all still meeting and if I might come along for a game or two?


King Crocker said...

yeah we meet pretty much every week, their are odd weeks when the pub cant accomadate us but 50 weeks a year there is gaming. Sometimes there is 3 of us other times 12 just depends on ...well lots of things. pop in be there by 7.30, hope to see you soon.