Saturday, 24 July 2010

Where there’s muck there’s Brass.

We played Brass last week and this week we played Age of Industry, which is the new incarnation of Brass. It is basically Brass, but with slightly different rules and a double sided map. The new game doesn’t have quite as much personality as the original, but is capable of supporting expansions (which are yet to be produced). For example it has generic goods counters (crates marked with an “X”) which represent different goods depending on which location you play - on the New England board the generic good is fish porn, whereas on the Germany board it’s probably iron and blood. Overall we all enjoyed it. I’m not sure whether it’s as good as Brass, it’ll take a few games before the jury decides, but the option of two boards and the capacity for expansion is nice. Sorry that this turned out to be a review rather than a cheap poke at someone. I’ll see what I can do next time.

Players: Crocker won, Bondie second, Lovely Rich third and Jimmy last.

Beer: I had a couple of pints of Iceni’s It’s a Grand Day. I was actually in the mood for lager, but chose this for some reason. It’s a refreshing golden ale (though not that refreshing), slightly malty, slightly hoppy and slightly ginger. 7/10 I’d compare it to Small World – never disappointed to see it in a collection, but it’s never going to be the highlight.

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