Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Whining to Winning

Tom had the audacity to bring down a game that he’d drawn on the back of a cereal box. It sounded like he genuinely wanted to play it. We humoured him for a minute or two, picked over the components, flicked through the rules and then, while he was chatting up the barmaid, we set up Cosmic Encounter. A six player affair with two hidden powers per faction. Flying saucers and insults flew across the table. Alliances were formed and broken. Everything hung on a knife edge; it was anybody’s game until out of the chaos, with the timely use of a Tick-Tock flare, emerged an unlikely victor… Luke the Pharmacist (Pharmacy wasn’t one of his powers, he really is a pharmacist. His powers were Grudge and Vulch).

At the very second that Luke won, we were joined by Pat; an occasional NoBoGer who is more likely to be found at the Beyond Monopoly club in York. He was in Norwich on business and just happened to be passing. Richard had to go, so the six of us settled down to a game of 7 Wonders. Pat did an excellent job of explaining the rules. Perhaps too good, as Punk Rich edged victory in a close run game. He declared it to be an excellent game and then we all went home.

Beer: There were three guest beers on last night. Pigswill by Stonehenge, Tadpole by Toad and Cain’s Dragon Heart Brown Ale. None were much good, but I had a full pint of Dragon Heart as the sample glass tricked me into thinking it was a nice fruit cake type ale, which it certainly had hints of, but this was let down by the “brown” taste. I give it a four, the same rating I give to Shadows over Camelot as it has an exciting name, but it’s a bit dull and really not my thing.

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