Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Delusions of Philtopia

Yes, it’s been over a month since I last reported on the trials and tribulations of Norwich’s premier board games club. Yes, we are officially the best board games club in Norwich, which is a real kick in the face to those upstarts  at the People’s Gaming Republic of Norfolk. And the Larkman 18XX Club. And don’t get me started on those snobs at the Norwich Cheese & Wine Gamers Society.   So apart from faint delusions of grandeur, what has been happening at NoBoG?

Eclipse has taken the club by storm. It’s been racing up the game rankings on BoardGameGeek and it’s had a similar success story at the Ribs. Initially looked upon with trepidation, once it was established that this space epic could fit into three hours of gaming, it became a popular choice and has been played five times this year. I got my first taste last night and I like it. I be back for a second helping  next time it’s being served.

A few brave souls have clubbed together and committed themselves to fifteen games of Risk. ”They should be committed”, I hear you cry, “Committed to a mental asylum.” But, no, this is not normal run of the mill Risk, which you remember from your childhood. The days have gone when a game would last a  whole afternoon  and in the end you had to smack you brother round the head with the vacuum cleaner pipe in order to dislodge him from his fortress in Australia. No, this a new and shiny marketing ploy from Hasbro, where you play a campaign spread over 15 games, but you get to add stickers and scrawls to the game board and discover new rules and cards which are contained in sealed packs. Regions become permanently scarred or have cities founded in them. There are five different factions which develop though player decisions and victories.  And once the 15 games are over the victor writes his name in big letters on the board and gets to name the world – probably something like Alderaan, Spunkworld or Philtopia.

We’re six games into it and it’s great fun. Peter Silvertongue and John lead the way with two wins each. Dean and I both have one victory. While Phil has yet to claim a win.

In the last month we’ve also played Vinhos, 7 Wonders, Hamburgum, Ninjato, Reef Encounter, Space Hulk: Death Angel – the card game, Notre Dame, Hawaii, Royal Palace, Strasbourg, Hansa Teutonica, Frank’s Zoo and 6 Nimmt.


Greendan said...

I'm totally setting up the People’s Gaming Republic of Norfolk. We gonna have a webpage and everything.

Anonymous said...

One day, one day Philtopia will rise and you'll all rue the day you stood in its path!

Or not... given my current form I'm leaning towards not.

Mr Bond said...

Dan, I would welcome the competition from the People’s Gaming Republic of Norfolk. I look forward to posting mildly offensive comments about its member's lack of gaming prowess.

Mr Bond said...

And Phil - I'm sure you'll win a game of Risk soon. Or at least almost win a game of Risk at some point.

Maybe you should join the People’s Gaming Republic of Norfolk - I hear they have very low gaming standards...