Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Write on!

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John cheekily mentioned that he thought the blog was updated quarterly. The nerve of the man! I’d like to see him do better. Actually I would. It would be nice to have someone else ramble on about how they lost to Pete at Eclipse or how much they can’t stand Le Havre or how Taj Mahal is an inspired design. And maybe the writing or at least the grammar might improve around here. So if you’re reading this and fancy picking up a pen (obviously a metaphorical pen - you’d have to use a keyboard – or maybe you have one of those strange stylus things and a computer made from coral and moss...) then let me know and we’ll go about getting you a writer's spot on this very blog. 

Last night Dean trawled the streets for unsuspecting souls who could be lured into the Ribs and forced to play board games. He did a sterling job and found four victims. We took pity on the heavily pregnant Zoey and released her back into the wild (because Agricola has a health warning much akin to camembert or Silk Cut). The three lads – Ollie, Jeremy and Martin were not so lucky and forced to play Agricola, Taj Mahal and Tichu. They all gave a good account of themselves, but it wasn’t enough to stop Rich winning Agricola and Jimmy claiming a narrow victory in the superb Taj Mahal. Who knows if they enjoyed the experience – I think they did, but even if they didn’t at least they didn’t have to play Le Havre, so there is hopefully an chance they will be back.

On the other table we had the now almost obligatory Eclipse. Pete trampled his way to victory against a sullen Dean and Phil – though Phil was actually pretty chipper, as for once he wasn’t eliminated from the game.

Beer: Nothing of note this week. Though the other day I had a bottle of Little Creatures Pale Ale, which is a fantastic beer all the way from Australia. It is awesome and if I had to compare it to a game I’d compare it to Reiner Kniza’s masterpiece, Taj Mahal.


Minitrue said...

Well, if you're open to some extra posting hands... sign me up, click those buttons and perform the necessary occult ceremonies to allow me to contribute.

Standards of reporting, grammar et al not guaranteed.


Mr Bond said...

Nice one, John. I shall perform some jigger pokery and get you on the contributors list.