Thursday, 2 August 2012

Rare Sightings

Greetings, stand in blog lackey John here reporting on the goings on down t' pub.

Eleven found their way to the Ribs this week, and in a curiously co-ordinated kind of way, three rarely spotted veteran nobog'ers all turned up at once, James, Dan and Crocker. You wait ages for one, then three turn up all at once.

Super Dungeon Explore
James, Dan, Phil and Bondy sat down for a trawl through Super Dungeon Explore with its groovy miniatures - Phil challenging all comers in the role of the evil dungeon controller.

Flame grilled heroes were duly served to a hungry dragon, barbecued do-gooders going down a treat before the dungeon returned to its peaceful malevolence under Phil's guiding hand.

Fun and stupidity were had - it looks like a blast "How does it compare to Descent ?" - Crocker
"They remembered to make this fun" - Dan

Hamster Wheel
After the burning and the suffering and the dying, Hamsterrolle was brought forth to balance precariously on the wonky pub tables.

Ora & Labora
On Table 2 Ora and Labora was brought forth once again for a four handed outing, and as before there was a lot of head scratching and doubt about just who the hell was winning. Matt, an early fancied favourite ended up in last place - his meta game of having endless flocks of sheep not paying dividends in the end. Moritz quietly building his monastic empire ended with a convincing win - one more settlement than everyone else and a nice mix of just about everything.

At the gloomy end of the half lit room Eclipse hit the table again after a brief hiatus of some weeks, an uneasy peace falling over the galaxy and its three would be rulers. Rich managed to grab the galactic centre and put in place some soft diplomatic agreements for everyone to play nice. I missed the end of this, but warships were moving and threatening towards the end, and I would guess the diplomacy did not last.

Let it be known that the perpetually lop sided table has now been 'fixed' with the application of the NoBoG Special Levelling Device - a plank of wood that lives with the table covers. The dawn of a future with even tables beckons. Suggestions for branding, decorating or defacing the Special Levelling Device to confuse the general public as to its arcane usage are being currently entertained.


Mr Bond said...

Great first post, John. I look forward to more of your musings - especially on the weeks I don't win and just sulk.

And thanks for providing the Special Levelling Device as well as the nifty black tablecloths.

Peter Chinkin said...

Yeah, Eclipse ended in a bit of a back-stabbing bloodbath which ultimately failed to change the outcome but made it interesting and quite close. Needless to say, I won!