Monday, 9 September 2013


Ten people turned up last week, a good number, but compared to recent weeks somewhat quiet !

Keeping up the trend of welcoming a constant stream of newcomers, two new faces were present at the pub, Doug and Sam, and we got to see Martin return for some Yedo action.

Whilst five of us got to grips with the Samurai themed worker placement game, the second table had a five handed Archipelago affair - this time Pete turned out to be the separatist ( his first stab at being the trouble maker ) and he tried his arm at convincing people not to let the islands become too happy on the pretence of not handing victory points to a possible pacifist.

The final scores were incredibly tight as population reached bursting point and masses of workers lounged about causing havoc. With the pub closing, play had to come to a halt - possibly depriving Pete of a slow foregone conclusion of uprising - and Bondy had edged the win by a single point. Such was the delight of Bondy in winning and besting evil Separatist Pete that he broke into a spontaneous in your face dance. I think it's safe to say he enjoyed the game.

Yedo was also an incredibly tight race between the top three players - only a single point in it, with Stu and Martin ending with tied prestige points ! Doug the newcomer, and new to the whole Euro type game experience managed to beat me into last place - I had a similar series of events to my last play, blocked endlessly in the latter half of the game to limp into a pathetic finish. I am now thinking it might be critical in Yedo to grab hold of the turn order around the half way mark lest you get pushed out of opportunities.

No Resistance action this week. Sad faces all round. If only the pub was open a bit longer. . . .


Mr Bond said...

Well done on sneaking in this report.

Minitrue said...

Ha, I have no idea where last week went. Whoosh. And it's Tuesday again.